Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading

Atlantic Power Exchange (AtlanticX) is an early stage start-up developing p2p energy software enabling automated trading of green and sustainable electricity over the blockchain.

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What is peer 2 peer energy trading?

Peer to Peer (P2P) Energy Trading is the ability for households and businesses with solar photovoltaic systems (Prosumers) to trade their excess electricity within their community to those without solar photovoltaic systems (Consumers). P2P markets offer more trading options than the standard one-way consumption traditionally offered by retail suppliers.

Advancements in micro-renewable energy generation and storage technologies have led to the proliferation of energy prosumers typified by businesses and individuals generating their own energy via renewable sources with the prospect of reselling surplus energy.

How does P2P energy work?
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P2P over the regulated grid

The main way which energy arrives to our home is the Grid. The primary requirement for accessing the grid is driven by regulation.

P2P behind the mastermeter

We are working with our international team of partners to prepare solutions which allow you to deploy your own micro grid and start your own peer 2 peer energy trading.

Atlantic Power enabling P2P energy trading

AtlanticX has partnered with leading energy hardware providers to develop a one click cloud solution automating electricity trade between neighbours.

Gone are the days where we are soley dependant on the traditional energy supply generated by fossil fuels and other earth depleting methods. We can say good bye to high electricity costs governed by private retailers and hello to guranteed sustainable energy generated by our community.

AtlanticX is excited to be part of the movement, knowing The power is now in all of our hands.

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